Thursday, April 16, 2009

db4o OME into RCP easily

Recently I pick up my old idea about the code snippets management tool. For a personal project, I would like to use a lightweight and easily-used db for store my codes. Db4o is a nice candidate for me. After making db4o work for me, I try to see what and how the db4o store it . One good news is that, db4o has provide an Object Manager(OM) to explore the local/remote db storages. One bad news is that, the OM now is only available to a little big Eclipse and very very much big MSVS. No reason I need to install an IDE if I just want to see or query one little db.

"Ample food and clothing by working with our own hands":) I quickly add an RCP cloth to the db4o OME(OM for Eclipse plugin) in a non-invasive way. It seem delicious!

After converting ICU plugin into a "base mode", the size of packed OME RCP have been reduced to about 15.4M. Cong!

I wonder whether the db4o has QA for its product? Because the current OME shipped with db4o-7.9-java has obvious critical bugs when connecting with local db files! But, a little is better than none... Hope they can fix these bugs soon.

ps: From limited eye, db4o seem an enhanced version of Java object serialization mechanism. So, Is it easy to implement a db for oject? No. There are too many considerations for storing objects(object graph indeed) in the db style. Using db4o will make your life much easy:)

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