Sunday, July 17, 2011

​From Windows to Linux

The work of the whole transfer engineering has been done in this week, even I am still in a busy state. With the Linux Kernel version 3.0 coming soon, I decide to change to the Linux in honor of the 20th anniversary of Linux as well. The change is not related to which OS is better for working with. It is related to how do you think what your OS should be like. I were using one version of Red Hat Linux in 1999 or so. In that time, the drivers and applications for Linux is not very rich. I had not enough reasons to stick to the Linux as all others around me were using the Windows. However, there is 20 years from it's birth. It has one prosperous open source community already.

Note: Fedora 15 + gnome 3 + GLX-dock + kinds of extensions makes my life much easier than that in Windows 7 in fact:)

Now I am back as one professional coder, after serveral days's efforts, I am starting to enjoy the life in the world of Linux.  One note to mention here, to enable the scala's gedit syntax highlighting,  you need to put the scala.lang config file in to /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0/language-specs/ if you are using the gnome 3.

And one more thing is that, I am deciding to reboot my effort of Scala Eclipse development tools in my spare time from this weekend. It is, in fact, mainly for earning  one matched Scala/Java/Eclipse job in Silicon Valley(or other any possible areas^_^). But I still has full confident with that it will go beyond for other Scala development IDE tools and as the defacto tools of every Scala developer. Trust me!:)

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Atry said...

用过一段时间gsoc那些功能,很牛逼,很好用!期待你的大作能移植到Scala IDE 2.0